Hu Man, the amazing new single from ReHumanise, combines dreamy composition with beautifully delicate, soulful, and light vocals, as well as scene-setting and story-telling.

ReHumanise was formed in 2020 in Ireland. He is a Multi-instrumentalist and Producer. Acts like Depeche Mode, Radiohead, The Smiths have inspired his current work, but he also makes a blend of world music and electronic music using instruments from around the world. 

His next single, ”We Are Strong,” Is about searching for something natural and pure, knowing that we are more robust in this person or situation. It is about building each other up to be the best versions of ourselves. 

Under his real name Damian Brady he achieved a TOP 5 hit in Ireland in 2017 as a producer and Co-writer. This is his 3rd solo release since Sept 2020, and he will continue to release brand new music regularly. ReHumanise plans to tour once the world opens back up. He is quoted as saying, ”Music to me is Sonic Vibration to Heal the Soul!

Hu Man lightens the tone yet again, and contrast works its effect once more. World-music rhythms guide us through a new environment, while breathy and extended vocal notes portray a completely different picture of the performer. 

Hu Man is an instantly likable tune that is peaceful and enjoyable to have played in the background. However, as the song develops, there is no doubt that it transforms into something quite different. 

The song slowly progresses from being moderately familiar and reassuring in its familiarity to becoming an infectiously upbeat and addicting example of brightness and unity that becomes increasingly addictive. 

The fantastic vibes and positive energy emitted by both the music and the vocals are more than enough to brighten your day and put a smile on your face.

ReHumanise has done an excellent job with this process and performance — it has a powerful hook and an engaging theme song. The crisp sound allows the music’s inherent rhythm and bounce to stand tall and connect naturally and joyfully.

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