ReHumanise continues to elevate the bar in global music and electronic production with his latest release, “Hu Man.” He is a creative composer, contemporary instrumentalist, and artist of constantly original and expressive design.

ReHumanise was founded in Ireland in 2020. He is a multi-instrumentalist as well as a producer. His current work is inspired by acts such as Depeche Mode, Radiohead, and The Smiths, but he also creates a blend of world music and electronic music employing instruments from all around the world. “We Are Strong,” his upcoming single, is about the desire for something genuine and pure. Knowing that we are stronger in this person or environment. 

It is about encouraging one another to be the most refined versions of ourselves. GRAMMY It’s been a genuine pleasure working with ReHumanise on his “We Are Strong” song. It’s a fantastic song, and he’s really skilled. As a producer and co-writer, he earned a TOP 5 hit in Ireland in 2017, Damian Brady. This is his third solo release since September 2020, and he plans to continue releasing new music on a regular basis. ReHumanise intends to go on tour after the globe has been reopened. 

“Hu Man” is a song that combines aspects of world music – tribal rhythms, deep, wandering vocal lines – with a current pop atmosphere, resulting in a composition that reaches out to a wide range of audiences with its concepts and enthralling levels of intensity and warmth.

Reflective yet accessible meditations on contemporary living and the self are interwoven throughout the track, which is powered by EDM-fueled intensity and fullness and a slew of nostalgic melodies that soon leave their impression. The single is available now on all media.

“Hu Man” is unlike anything else you’ve seen recently, and it’s unlike anything else you’ve seen from ReHumanise’s past work. Because of the way it skillfully mixes slight shock and intensity with pristine purity, delicacy, and profoundly human feeling, it proves to be a very captivating piece of music.

The melodies ache and seek and are rewarded with exquisite moments of harmonic resolution that warm the heart. The lyrics are conveyed with clarity and a lingering emotional resonance. It’s breathtaking.

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