Vi$ion’s lush modern pop vocals dominate this sophisticated and lively post-three-minute delight entitled Honey, with a swagger and confidence that perfectly complements the story of a recipient of their desire to always be their lover’s attention.

Vi$ion is a German singer and composer. She started singing at 7, participated in a school band at 12, and created her first solo song at 16. In 2018 she met the Producer, Jack, Timeless witch, with whom she has been working since 2019. Their collaborations lead to the release “Catch the Vibe” (July 31st, 2019), “Hazing Lights” ft. Axed (December 13rd 2019). (December 13rd 2019). 

After a year off, she released her debut single “Art” (January 29th, 2021), then “Flowers” (April 2nd, 2021), followed by “Highway” (April 20th, 2021). (April 20th, 2021). The spontaneous successful partnership drove them to form an independent music label called “friends without money” where they produce everything themselves or with their FRIENDS. Vi$ion could yet be an insider tip, but her star is on the rise. Her spectrum extends from R&b to Rap to Pop etc. which is a crucial characteristic of her music.

Honey builds up slowly and keeps a mellow energy level for the most part — Vi$ion’s approachable voice guides the way through private and personal themes, creating the mood well while yet being ambiguous enough that the song can become meaningful to anybody and everyone who hears it.

Vi$ion’s delicate and pinched vibrato smoothly coolly terminates notes, and her distinctive voice also works surprisingly well in laying down clean and clear vocal pads to complement the lead. On the other hand, the vocals demonstrate a gift for pivoting on the fly – an angular character that allows notes to shift direction with minimal effort, both skillful and promising.

She alternates between chest voice and falsetto in such a subtle way that the transition is invisible, making her vocal feel smooth, slick, and genuine, warming us through to the song’s conclusion with confidence and ease.

Vi$ion lets the track’s natural rhythm take over, altering the pace accordingly and adding a dash of falsetto for dynamism and emphasizing the hook – resulting in a subtle ear-worm of a moment.

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