Pivotal Awakening’s song Holy Water is a classic example of Christian rock music. Starting slow with an acoustic strum and slide behind a gruff whisper, Holy Water sounds almost to have been sung over a campfire lit beside a motorcycle somewhere in Death Valley. Slow, steady, pointed verses lead their way into a crashing and confident chorus, where the true power of Pivotal Awakening is seen. This is an interesting listen to everyone who loves music.

Pivotal Awakening is a US-based Contemporary Christian band. As a band, their music is nicer to listen to while a  good message inside it. It’s more of a soft rock song. The melody and the beat are clean and pure while vocals blend with the music without overpowering it. This combination gives a surreal experience to every listener. 

Andy Graves is the guy who formed this band. He was a  paramedic and had to work on the site of a crashed fight which changed his life. All the dead people made him mentally down. He had to go through a lot and writing music helped him to get through the incident. Mindi Odom is the vocalist of the band. She is gifted with a voice that grabs the attention of everyone who is listening. Being voted as Finalists in the 2020 and 2021 Detroit Music Awards is a high point of the career of the band.

They are gaining traction and affection from thousands of people who listen to their songs and become loyal fans. Holy Water is their tenth and newest song release. You can expect more good music from them. It’s a band worth listening to regardless if you are religious or not. 

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