Prepare to be immersed in the enigmatic soundscape of Lucas Burn as he joins forces with Jodie Poye in their groundbreaking hit, “Hollow”. Hailing from Poland, Lucas Burn is rapidly ascending to the forefront of the global hip-hop scene, presenting a unique and refreshing perspective that captivates fans worldwide.

Drawing inspiration from luminaries like NF and Tommee Profitt, Burn’s artistry defies convention, forging a path of innovation that resonates with the hip-hop faithful. With a creative verbal arsenal and an unwavering faith, Lucas Burn maneuvers through cinematic orchestrations, molding them into the modern realm of hip-hop.

His masterful fusion of authentic orchestral sounds with rap elevates “Hollow” to ethereal heights, enthralling listeners with each note. Witness the rise of a visionary artist as Lucas Burn strives for worldwide recognition, crafting music that transcends borders and connects souls.

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