Hold a Candle”  is the upcoming single from artist and songwriter ODDxRude. The fusion of influences on this release is superb, or perhaps it is the freedom from such that allows ODDxRude to create and express himself in a new and greatly appealing way. There’s a definite sense of originality and character to this track and indeed to the accompanying video, which offers something fresh and strangely addictive for audiences to embrace.

The rhythm and overall backdrop to the piece has a fairly simplistic and even organic sound for the most part. The way in which the artist presents his songwriting and performance style has one of the awesome factors. The gentle nature of the introduction makes for a powerful contrast with what follows; it sets an emotional tone that is swiftly blown out of the water and reinvented almost entirely, all the while sweeping you off of your feet. The artist’s adjustment of his own vocal performance feeds into the change superbly, and the song hits hard with every step of rhythm and energy and emotion. This is the refreshing sound of songwriting that is free from imposed, societal standards, that showcases creative freedom, yet that satisfies effectively as all skillfully composed and thoughtfully structured music should.

As modern music production goes, there has to be something about the sound that seems unheard before – something that seems completely new. In this case, that’s just about everything you hear around you. The unique way in which the artist has combined these sometimes scattered, sometimes smooth synths, with an undeniably organic and somewhat unusual sounding beat, a distorted, passionate solo, and a notably simplistic progression of chords and keys running throughout the backdrop, all makes for an ambiance that just works, and beautifully.

On top of the creative track there’s an unquestionable level of professionalism to the song, so the track lets you escape; it takes over your consciousness and affects you in the way that great music should. The opening few moments lay the groundwork, setting the scene for what will follow, bringing about a certain array of imagery and ideas. What makes music like this so beautiful though, is that while you can feel the depth and sentiment of the song in relation to the artist who created it, you can also freely connect your own experiences with it.

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