It’s always interesting when you come across a song or musical composition that seems to, in its own artistic way, represent the concept of its title or storyline by means of every element involved.“Hit My Line” by “Dre The Great Feat. Fvcegod” is a single that conjures up a certain set of ideas from its title alone, and the song that follows is not only multi-colored and endlessly interesting, it also repeatedly underlines that sense of emotional disconnect with every fiber of its being.

Hit My Line” is a powerful yet softly stylish song that leaves its mark in a definite but subtle way. There’s so much strength in the structure and brightness of the soundscape and of the leading artist’s lyricism and performance. The music for one is really unique, notably spacious, and focused around a fairly simple beat and a few distinctly colorful riffs. The rhythm of the entire track is a huge part of what makes it work so well. The music has a slightly tribal feel to it, inspired by world rhythms. The vocal delivery on top of this fits in perfectly with the underlying energy. His voice hits with flawless accuracy and relevance, almost playing the part of another programmed instrument – the skill and precision are brilliant.

The further you get into the song, certain riffs and melodic moments really start to stand tall. On occasion, there is a chorus of vocals adding to the soundscape, essentially the hook section creating this spiraling, dreamlike ascent into the ether. The second time you listen the whole thing starts to take shape much more clearly. These various, eclectic moments of instrumentation are a little more familiar now, you begin to expect them, and the structure begins to settle in. The song is refreshing for these reasons – it’s not that often you get to listen to music that follows its own pathway, as opposed to that which is dictated by mainstream radio. As you learn to recognize the intricacies here though, the song gets better and better, and this too is quite rare.

The vibe of the whole track works well in making certain you remember and recognize it later on, and on top of this – it’s incredibly easy to enjoy. This ongoing feeling of possibility is powerful, and the way this release has been written, arranged, recorded, and produced, makes for a hugely compelling few minutes of audio. The accompanying video adds beautifully to the truth and authenticity of the single.

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