Fun Beat Melo” is an artist who masterfully merges organic musicianship with soundscape design, bringing together the best of both disciplines while infusing evident emotion, intention, and consistent and attentive awareness of his audience throughout his work.

Much of the music demonstrates a clear understanding of what hits hard, makes use of contrast, and finishes with a delicate and crisp finish. While there is a distinct style to most of the music, the details help to provide something distinctive and original in every case.

While the music has layers of tenderness that are instantly inviting and provide for a comfortable backdrop to your day, there are also a few noticeable riffs and moments that help give the entire thing a distinctive sound. 

There is a sensation of growth as a result of the activity flowing through one’s life. A light groove is reinforced by structural evolution — tiny variations in pace, abrupt chord progressions that keep things moving. All of this is subtle but undeniably effective.

What attracts me about this production style is the way “Fun Beat Melo” has composed the track. Layers of odd synths and programmed elements mix with a strikingly organic beat from a reasonably antiquated beginning. 

These are simple, yet the chord progression and juxtaposition between details give intricacy – and this is exactly what mixes so beautifully with the indicated theme.

This approach is gradually becoming more appealing from a production standpoint. There are some recognizable elements in the final set-up, but the track as a whole is a comprehensive aesthetic expression of its own underlying feeling.

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