Maxwell Rafeian’s newest release Hindsight bursts into action with an intense and infectious musical hook, complete with classical distortion and a supporting wall of sound to really make it shine. Maxwell Rafeian is one of the greatest musicians from the United Kingdom, and he is also a talented Pianist and a composer as well. 

This sensational track “Hindsight” brings you the distinct style and softness, and also the artist is unique to its core. The new song has a delicacy to it that is captivating; it’s expressed almost as a dream, along with these awesome musical tones and a great melody. 

The melody fits every tone of music superbly and this is something quite striking about the piece. It’s not a common thing to pick up on, but it works so well that it’s undeniably notable – the melody follows the intensity of the instrumentation. 
This unique perspective and emotionally driven artistry are consistently clear in Maxwell Rafeian’s tracks and it is awesome. This music come as a very personal form of expression made accessible and relevant to all. The storytelling draws listeners in, as does the gentle nature of the sound, and the revelations throughout have something very human and honest about them – thus keeping you compelled from start to finish.

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