Magnetic North’s “High Level Love” feels like a dynamic and immersive throwback to a simpler time, introducing a nostalgic indie-rock edge of musical weight and conceptual meaning. Consider the bands of the aughts intertwined with a boldly poetic search for meaning and connection in the modern environment.

Magnetic North is a rising name in the contemporary indie rock scene, hailing from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, and now situated in Halifax, NS. All of the band members have a solid musical foundation that began in their teens and has been nurtured to the present day. 

Their musical journey began in their individual high school bands and was honed during their college years. Before joining Magnetic North, each band member worked in various music groups in the Cape Breton and Halifax areas. 

The band’s first EP, “Magnetic North,” was released in 2017, followed by “Digital Illusions” in 2018. The title tune from “Digital Illusions” was included in the 2019 CBC Searchlight National Top 100. Their upcoming album “Remedy,” which will be released in August 2020, is the band’s third.

“High Level Love” begins with the fullness of arena rock – numerous layers of guitar, bass, and drums for warmth and energy that rapidly surrounds and embraces the listener – before weaving in a distinct vocal, a distinctive and passionate melody, and a captivating plot.

Magnetic North has fashioned a timeless classic with this recording, which is gritty by design yet melodically addictive and suitably accessible because of its uniquely recognizable, honest vocal lead. The song’s hook is both familiar and intriguing — there’s a sense of the shift in the resolve, an underlying air of possibilities; “High Level Love” cries out and resonates long after listening.

Magnetic North is unquestionably a band that thrives on the live side of writing and performance and one to keep an eye on in the coming months when the world’s music scenes kick back into action. “High Level Love” is an uncomplicated and unashamed introduction to the band, and it’s really and inevitably infectious music.

All in all, though, “High-Level Love” is an uproar, a communicative and catchy rock release, with a brilliantly immersive guitar sound and overall energy that begs for the live scene. Turn up the volume

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