Etana’s clean and contemporary take on classic reggae, “High Grade,” is beautifully joyful new music from Jamaican singer-songwriter, who lights up the new year with her clean and contemporary take on classic reggae. “High Grade,” a significant new smash song for Big Feet Records, was produced by Josh Harris. Executive Producer Josh Harris supplies Etana with a musical aircraft carrier from which she can fly away from.

Reggae music has given birth to yet another rarity: Etana, a spirited and soulful singer/songwriter, is both eloquent and enchanting! Etana is the first woman to reach the top of the Reggae Billboard Charts in over a decade. Etana is also the first Jamaican woman to be nominated for a Grammy in the best reggae album category. 

Etana means “strong one” in Swahili, and she demonstrated her strength this time by pursuing a musical career solely on her own terms. Etana’s elegantly modest Rasta-chic sartorial style is as distinct as her music, which is an audacious fusion of roots reggae, R&B, Neo-Soul, Dancehall, and Afrobeat.

Strong One is the first album. Free Expressions is the second album. Better Tomorrow is the third album. I Rise the fourth studio album. Reggae Forever is the fifth album on the list. The sixth album: Dimensions Gemini, is the seventh album on the Gemini label. Pamoja (together) is the eighth album on the way.

Its contemporary soundscape, which is relatively straightforward in setup – making subtle use of modern rhythms, production traits, and elements of afrobeat and dance-hall – is cinematic to an extent. Nonetheless, “High Grade” is a work of tremendous strength because of its main singer’s attitude and ambition.

“High Grade,” which is driven by distant vocals and a modest live sound that’s both nostalgic and real in its setting, presents a sequence of appealing melodies and a faster-paced second half for more dynamism.

While keeping the reggae rhythm at the forefront, the track also includes a passionate and refreshing hit of songwriting that is addictive and catchy in a pop-like fashion, resolving to a satisfactory degree, and forever dazzling with its achingly honest vocal delivery, the single

“High Grade” by Etana is both musically and subtly encouraging. The softness of the approach has a lot of strength, and the whole thing is beautifully written, performed, and recorded. This summer, give it a couple of spins.

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