When instruments are learned and used with genuine love and heart, they have sheer majesty. Junya Komori, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and engineer for ‘KJ Warriors’ Sound,’ takes listeners on a journey through carefully-led purity and emotional intensity. It proves that there is indeed much light to be found in dark spaces with this music video featuring fantasy adventure epic track, “Hero into the Blood.”

Junya Komori inaugurated the project. He aspires to create Independent Soundtracks such as Epic, Trailer, and Cinematics with no restrictions or reliance on TV shows, dramas, films, or trailers. This is aided by the Melodic and Powerful Passions, for example. Junya Komori is a Multi-instrumentalist, Composer, and Engineer. 

His goal is to create Absolute Neo Orchestral Sounds that are NOT Constrained by Genre or Stereotype. If you want to see the New World, you must be supported by the people around you, and he is always grateful to his supporters.

Introducing a vastly cinematic, epic hit of multi-layered, symphonic drama and immersive, energetic musicality — in short, as many methods as possible to convey the great trip of this composition are required. KJ Warriors’ Sound from Japan presents an appropriately skewed video for his instrumental “Hero into the Blood.”

The composition is powerful and well-crafted to showcase distinct details as well as a specific atmosphere and general ambiance for listeners to be charmed by.

“Hero into the Blood,” with its engaging rhythms and free-flowing melodies, takes us on a journey through catchy and orchestral vibes alike before reinventing the sound entirely for an almost classic gaming soundscape, complete with the ups and downs of the cinematic journey through an unknown world.

The music has been so meticulously and lovingly constructed that it appears to perfectly integrate the innate complexities of human emotion with the seemingly limitless resources accessible in the realm of audio production and composition.

Professionalism and purity come together, urging listeners to forget that this is merely music and dive in courageously as their own memories and emotions find potent connections with the intricacies and journey conveyed.

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