Fast-paced summer vibes pour through with glamorous energetic vocals of L.A.Bliss on this new song release, Here For You.

Lisa Chambliss, stage named L.A.Bliss, is a pop singer-songwriter. Growing up being called L.A. (Lisa Anne) by her father and with Bliss being a play on Chambliss, this alter-ego is Lisa’s way of expressing herself the best way she knows how; through music. She grew up in Florida and went to various places, including Georgia, North Carolina, West Virginia, Nevada, and now residing in California and making music as her career. 

L.A.Bliss’s past was not a sweet road so, she blends her life experiences in her songs with immediate and glamorous music. Influenced by the icons of the ’80s, the first album she ever bought was Cyndi Lauper. L.A. Bliss draws inspiration from the likes of Madonna, Pat Benatar, and Belinda Carlisle, to name a few.

Here For You flows through progressive beats that are perfect for dancing. Filled with synths and various tunes, “Here For You” draws so much energy to the listener. Flawless and straight lyrics express the disappointment of love, and her robust, melodic, and confident vocals confirm the fact. The song encourages the listener to “be confident of yourself and never be dependant on someone”—excellent music production with an excellent message.

Listen to Here For You on Spotify.  Check out L.A. Bliss official website for more song releases.

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