Driving with a powerful, infectious hook, vocal clarity, and confidence in performance – T-World’s latest single, “Heaven Is In Hell,” speaks volumes on behalf of his drive and connection to the contemporary hip hop scene.

Young independent artist T-World has again showed his musical, vocal, and songwriting talents with his new single Heaven Is In Hell. T-World is a producer, songwriter, and guitarist diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome when he was young. T-World had trouble communicating with others and spend a lonely life without social interaction. He started writing poems, which later turned into songs, and started making music to share his ideas and story. T-World now uses his music to communicate with the world.

T-World wants to raise public awareness about Tourette’s syndrome. He says, “Today, I want to share my story with the world and show that no matter what happens, YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE, even if you are different. YOU CAN DO IT! As long as you believe in yourself, persevere, and are disciplined and motivated. Every dream can become a reality, and I am here to prove it to all of you. My dream is to live from my passion, which is music.”

Filled with bass beats and computerized synths, Heaven Is In Hell shines with lots of dancing vibes. An infectious hook flows through the song with occasional intervals, and that single piece can memorize the whole song with one listen. The vocals are strong, straight, and confident, and the lyrics are flawless and contemporary.

T-World unites with the beat, naturally flowing through the process, making the whole thing feel genuine and easily crafted.

Listen to Heaven Is In Hell on Spotify. Follow T-World on Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok.

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