Head Rush from Andy Trello is a timeless release that oozes electronic brilliance with every moment that it plays. The music creates a blissful intensity in its meeting of the high energy rhythm and the mellow, dreamlike synths. This particular culmination of sounds and effects has been creatively and professionally crafted to leave audiences feeling completely swept away by the recording. 

As a trance track, Head Rush has that after-party glow about it, and yet, as anything else it simply fills the void or the silence with supreme beauty and great vibes. There’s a definite summertime or sunset sort of energy to the piece, though it fits just perfectly as a soundscape for escapism at any time and in any setting; as is the way of most if not all of Andy Trello’s releases.

The opening few bars of music give off that tribal, upcoming trance ambiance, and as things progress, as the whole thing evolves, this new and sublime bit of audio pours out. There’s an undeniably creative story attached to the development of the music, the chord progression, the variation between instrumental choices, and between these intermittent snippets of riffs – the keys, the echo, the breakdown, the build-up. This unique exploration of emotions and sounds and the journey upon which it takes you as a listener is close to indescribable.

Another immensely satisfying track from Andy Trello’s guise and a strong reminder of the sheer talent and passion that is currently thriving within the independent creative community, not least of all among creators and producers of hard-hitting, thoughtful, effective electronic music. 

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