UK-based wordsmith Hazz is back with his highly anticipated seventh release on Nyark Records, presenting listeners with a mesmerizing musical journey. With an impressive discography under his belt, including collaborations with industry heavyweights and a string of solo EPs, Hazz continues to solidify his position as one of the most consistent and hard-working artists in the game.

“Hazzmatic Creation” is a seven-track extended player that takes listeners on a deep, smoked-out, raw jazz-inspired ride. With production from the likes of Thugs Bunny, Josh Esh, Sunday, and Midas Cash, the project boasts a musically rich and immersive experience. Hazz’s lyrical prowess shines through, showcasing his growth and unique style.

The track contains;

  • Hazzmatic Creation (Produced by Josh Esh) 
  • Block Dwellers Ft. iLL Gordon (Produced by Josh Esh) 
  • Gone Ft. Wild Samson (Produced by Thugs Bunny) 
  • Enlighten Me Ft. Asha (Produced by Sunday)
  • Inside Out (Produced by Thugs Bunny) 
  • Sick Of This Ft. Airklipz (Produced by Sunday)
  • Creational Thinking (Produced by Midas Cash)

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary project that showcases the brilliance of Hazz’s unique style. Dive into the captivating world of “Hazzmatic Creation” on YouTube and other streaming platforms.

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