HAZZ, the remarkable wordsmith and renowned artist, unveils his latest musical endeavor, the EP ‘Inside Out.’ With a rich history in the UK Hip-Hop scene, HAZZ has captivated audiences since his debut mixtape alongside the esteemed Tricksta. Having signed with Nyark, he has since released five solo EPs and a collaborative project with label mate Wild Samson.

HAZZ’s extensive discography features collaborations with notable artists such as Mic Righteous, Ray Vendetta, DJ TMB, Trademark Blud, Airklipz, and Conman from Wolftown Committee.

‘Inside Out’ features standout solo tracks, including the EP’s opening title track, the infectious ‘Inside Out,’ and the compelling finale ‘Creational Thinking.’ Collaborations with label mates Wild Samson and Airklipz, as well as contributions from Chicago’s iLL Gordon and vocalist Asha, elevate the project to new heights. The result is a truly Hazzmatic creation that demands attention from discerning music enthusiasts.

Combining elements of Hip-Hop, Rap, Jazz, and alternative music, HAZZ’s ‘Inside Out’ EP delivers an immersive and soul-stirring sonic experience. This exceptional project reinforces HAZZ’s reputation as one of the most hard-working and consistent artists in the game, and marks another milestone in his artistic journey.

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