Bru Heff brings the swagger and style of an artist at the top of his game with this latest release. Feeding straight into the sound of contemporary hip hop and alternative pop, Gyalis is a quickly melodic, anthem-like track that offers the color and simplicity of an easily recognizable hit.

Bru Heff is an unsigned hip-hop artist from New York USA. He has already managed to create a buzz in the hip-hop industry with his new track Gyalis. It showcases his vocal and lyrical ability and makes him special from the rest. The lyrics and Bru Heff’s performance throughout both introduce him as driving with a desire to be happy and live a high life – the very title concept of the track being a fitting representation of this. The accompanying video suits the idea further, meeting the needs of the moment and continuing to push the boat out in terms of the visuals and the presentation of success and happiness. He works closely with hot97 to produce these amazing tracks. Other than making songs for the love of hip hop he owns dj Drewski where they do a podcast and provide opportunities to unsigned artists all over.

Musically Gyalis has a strong beat, those riffs offer up a slightly nostalgic vibe – the synths chosen to have a mildly retro style about them, though the vocal rhythm and the references within undoubtedly tip their hats to the hip hop sound of today. There’s a melodic pop backbone to the track that helps make it a little more widely accessible, still, that rap confidence drives though. It’s a simple release with a good bounce to it..

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