LA-based bass music producer GunFight continues to make waves with his latest single, “Hooligan.” Over the past 3+ years, GunFight has solidified his position as a dynamic force in the electronic music scene, consistently delivering tracks that push genre boundaries. “Hooligan” is no exception, blending ruthless dubstep elements with mind-bending sound design influenced by the riddim subgenre. The track opens with immersive melodies reminiscent of a video game, drawing listeners into its captivating sonic world.

As “Hooligan” progresses, GunFight expertly builds tension before launching into a series of explosive drops that showcases his mastery of bass music production. The track’s engaging structure and gritty textures highlight GunFight’s unique approach to production. With support from industry heavyweights like Don Diablo, Jauz, and Zeds Dead, GunFight’s reputation continues to grow, and “Hooligan” is yet another testament to his prowess in crafting cutting-edge bass music.

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