You are about to witness one of the remarkable music videos with a unique touch. “GROWIN PAINS” is the latest released track by Len Bowen to ll the audience out there. Len Bowen is a Canadian well-talented rapper and he always tries to bring down something unique and different. “GROWIN PAINS” is such a turning point in his life because this whole thing is perfect. On his latest offering, Len linked with up-and-coming Winnipeg producer, BBS Steve who has been crafting the Winnipeg sound with 3PEAT, Dill the Giant, and most recently the Mad Lib-esque project, Mooki Tape.

On top of the ambiance is of course the songwriting – the melody, the lyrics, the performance. Singer and songwriter Len Bowen’s voice sounds more delicate and intimate here – a fitting adaptation for the subject matter at hand. As things move forward, the vocal rap performance changes direction on a few occasions. The verses for the most part offer a single note; a slow-motion rap or spoken-word style of delivery. 

On occasion the music feels like an epic moment of drama and weight – a cinematic explosion, the point in the movie at which the chase erupts or the truth begins to make itself known. At other times there becomes this hypnotic chaos that surrounds and soaks you in the way that any addictive and satisfying piece of instrumental and Rap music should.

If you go through Bowen’s music, it is halfway between the boom-bap sounds of the mid-nineties East Coast hip hop boom — think Common and Nas — and the earnest, honest content of more contemporary artists on the hip hop charts today (YNB Cordae and H.E.R). Through his music, you can feel the contemplative, negotiation he’s having with the listener, defining his place in the landscape as the narrator of his own epic.

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