Immersive, captivating, and uniquely melodic, ‘Home’ by Grey Wind is set to redefine the boundaries of Future Bass music. Hailing from the United States, the 26-year-old maestro steps onto the EDM stage, impressing with a distinct, emotive sonic signature shaped by his classical training in piano and violin.

A classically nurtured talent meets the adrenaline rush of EDM in ‘Home’ – a track that pulses with raw emotion and unfurls in the majestic fluidity of Grey Wind’s compositional skills. Originally enchanted by Warriyo’s ‘Mortals’, Grey Wind brings his mastery in orchestral compositions to the EDM platform, culminating in a harmonious marriage of resonant bass and intricate melody.

Signed to Mojoheadz and Yoursoul, Grey Wind’s debut track embodies the evolution of his musical journey. Through ‘Home’, he invites listeners to explore the depth of Future Bass, intertwining classical elegance with EDM’s exhilarating intensity. Listen to ‘Home’ on YouTube and join Grey Wind on his sonic exploration.

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