An Americana-style song with a deep, strong voice, Gravel and Gold by Johan Ruborg, has been released, hoping for a hit in folk music charts.

Johan Ruborg is a songwriter and recording artist based in Sweden. He deftly blends literate classic rock with an undeniably modern sensibility and creates rock, Americana, and folk style music. Inspired by iconic songwriters such as Bruce Springsteen and Warren Zevon, his music sets the bar higher with great melodies, poetic and often character-driven lyrics. His music has the power to impact the human heart and soul while remaining kinetic and rocking.

Johan Ruberg creates music to tell stories of real-life, ¬†communicate, and revitalize guitar-driven rock music. He says I think I’m unique in the way that I try to integrate the old traditional rock music and storytelling with something new and fresh; I’m not just another guy trying to emulate the big rock artists of the past.

Johan’s deep and robust vocals channel the depth of lyrics, with beautiful and personal hooks deeply intertwined with his sensibilities. Johan is the hardcore troubadour the music world needs right now. If you listen to one of his songs, you’ll know why.

Listen to Gravel and Gold on Spotify.

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