‘Grave Metallum’ by Unwanted Guest is one of the magnificent tracks that you will hear on this album and we are pretty sure you are going to love it.

The genre tags lay the foundation fairly well for this release, but they don’t really allow for the variety and creativity that emerges as each song plays out. Unwanted Guest’s sound is stylish, energetic, soulful, and satisfying in the way that any great rock or metal-soaked record should be. The opening instrumentation of ‘Autopsy’ paves the way for what is a melodic and entertaining show of storytelling delivered by a gritty and emotionally captivating leading voice.

It’s very easy to get lost in this release, that’s the strength of the experience – the addictive quality. The movement from the opening delicacy to the later climactic weight and wonder – there’s so much soul here, yet the music has power and raw energy. The song is easy-going and hard-hitting all at once. This awesome soul is mysterious and skillful, talented, and free from the confines of genre or expectation. There’s something new and beautiful in his sound and I’m most definitely a fan.

The lyrics to ‘Unwanted Guest’ are superb, also. With the swagger and rhythm taking on such a strong role it’s not necessarily the story that first reaches out for your affection. You lose yourself to the energy of it initially, the effect of that rock attitude, the simple yet immediately memorable melody. Once you’ve crossed paths with the hook you start to wonder what you missed, and with the nature of the song being incredibly addictive and easy to listen to on repeat – it’s no challenge to go back and replay the whole thing.

The album’s centre piece comes in the shape of ‘Grave Metallum’, a notably bright song and perhaps the most mainstream feeling contender, if such a thing is still relevant. This one feels like a classic rock song with a touch of metal bounce, hopeful and light on the senses, yet rhythmic and satisfying. The eclecticism in the mid section of this track is cleverly and professionally matched by the distinct darker thread and sense of identity that the singer presents.

The songwriting and performances are all top-notch, with equal parts power and softness, energy and calm, the album makes for a consistently enjoyable listen.

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