What a beautifully huge feeling of alternative and hip hop you get from this latest release “Gotham Anthem” from artist “CAL Eden.” The opening instrumentation sets a very awesome sort of awesome scene, with even so much as that reliable and retro edge that is only usually found in a timeless live performance clip. Alongside of this though, really setting the song apart from a lot of older music, is the very modern-sounding electronic synth riff, filling out all of those gaps that somewhat more organic music would often leave behind.

This latest release is everything we quickly fell for about Gotham Anthem.” CAL Eden’s artistry fuses so brilliantly with this musically heavy, alternative meets hip-hop sort of sound; all of which strikes hard from the offset, and echoes around in your head for the remainder of the piece. The artist’s lyricism is in the form in this case; the flow is somewhat relentless, at times making you feel the need to press pause and head back to catch a few more words – something you’re likely to refuse to do until it’s over, for fear of missing a moment of the action. It’s all over in less than three minutes, but the sounds and ideas expressed to make it feel like something much bigger just happened.

The story unfolds faster than ever, surrounding you in moments and movements and ideas and skits. The musical backdrop to this piece has a world of character in itself, then you weave CAL Eden’s vocal power through it, and this immense array of theatrical magic just pours out. Nobody else makes music quite like this. The sound is motivational, to say the least; it gets you geared up and ready to go – to wherever it is that the lyricism and the performance decide to take you. And alongside all of this, you get those ever faithful yet subtle snippets of realness and feeling.

Simply put, this song is inescapably awesome – it affects you when you listen, so you just can’t help but listen intently. The depth is clear from the offset, and the sound creates such a sublime atmosphere, that there’s nothing left to do but sit back and listen – sit back and let your mind drift off with the music. This is an exciting release and the prospect of upcoming projects from “CAL Eden” is something you won’t want to miss out on.

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