“HALLELUJAH” by “Gorephanage” is next level release to all the deathcore lovers out there. Taking professional production to a creative and captivating new level, and all the while incorporating the humanity and realness of lyricism and melody, the sound surrounds you entirely – taking you back to the better days, or creating brand new ones for those who haven’t yet revealed in the world of Deathcore music or sub-genres.

The vibe you get from this release is the sort that can either be uplifting or calming, depending on the setting and what you want to get from it. The concept of moving on implies overcoming struggles, a fresh start, optimism. The music beautifully represents this in a stylish and all-encompassing way. The high energy of the beat contrasts powerfully with the reverb soaked ambiance of the supporting synths and vocal snippets. This makes for something that doesn’t require your full attention – it plays the role of music as escapism, the very best kind of escapism there is.

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