J French’s breakout comes in the form of a brilliant and completely fascinating new tune titled “GOOD KARMA.” J French, who has always been known to think a little deeper than the usual rapper or artist, takes his poetic and honest approach to new heights here. Every sentence entices you further, dragging you in deeper and forging stronger bonds – to the point where a single listen is insufficient.

J French, a rapper, multi-instrumentalist, and producer from Oklahoma City, has completed what appears to be a lifetime’s worth of music industry experience. Since crafting his first rhyme to Devin The Dude’s “Don’t Wait” at the age of 12, he has created his own publishing company and collaborated with various rappers in the Oklahoma-Texas and Los Angeles scenes, including RC & The Gritz, Erykah Badu’s official band, and members of TDE. Despite everything, J French remains as cool as a cucumber. He rigorously sticks to a self-imposed necessity to create music from the soul. “I’m determined to be heard,” French says.

J French takes the lead with a bold, expressive vocal style that constantly conveys the underlying intensity of each bar. Whether the moment is melodic or rapped, the execution flow is adequate.

The song keeps playing in the background. Those unexpectedly delicate melodies reverberate around the edges, producing a wonderfully dreamy environment that actually entrances you and lets the artist’s voice and lyrics touch a little more intensely.

That soundscape shines brilliantly the second time you hear it for its now-familiar brightness and those details that give it such color and character. 

Among these are the artist’s own diverse and artistically fascinating performances, which occur later and evolve. There’s some back and forth going on. On top of that, there’s a complicated plot to follow.

Nothing is forced or fake. J French isn’t putting on a show to get you to think a certain way about him – by all accounts, he couldn’t care less what people think about him unless they’re along for the ride.

You get the impression that nothing is stopping him right now, and this project’s high quality and vibrant energy are excellent evidence of that. 

“GOOD KARMA” is an easily addictive new hip-hop music from an artist who is sure to have many more successes in the future.

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