Superb composition allows the overwhelming passion and perfection of this soulfully engaging leading vocal to swiftly entice you in – IamSincerlyKeys balances the force of modern hip hop with the timeless embrace of RnB across a whole tremendous and dramatic Gone Wild.

From Dallas, Texas, IamSincerlyKeys is a versatile and up-and-coming musician specializing in R&B. Young performer in Dallas, Texas. He is well-known in the music industry for his exceptional R&B records. His most recent release is Gone Wild.

Gone Wild is an R&B smash waiting to happen, with catchy vocals that lead with confidence and excellent skill as they meander through multiple verses.

Gone Wild presents a novel twist on the typical R&B set-up, lyrically addressing the issue implied by its title in reference to artistic freedom, music and backing this up nicely with a track that grows, expands, and falls away in a somewhat surprising manner.

The song’s core has a dance vibe to it, and the lyrics are magnificent, soulful, and passionate as they wander over this long-form melody – which, by the way, contrasts with the shorter, more rhythmic lines of the verses.

The soundtrack features a simple, minimalist arrangement that is easily recognized. The production is excellent, and the first vocal hooks you in with its assurance and style.

Gone Wild introduces the artfully weaving vocals of IamSincerlyKeys in a way that seems familiar yet also reflective of an artist eager to create his own way, with a good beat that injects a sense of weight and recognized flair into the track.


The narrative, performances, and production all have timeless elements, and all of this feels quite refreshing right now. Good songwriting, well-captured, with a musical realism that helps it all come together.

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