The flawless composers and musicians Pistols At Dawn deliver yet another immaculate and immersive anthem in the form of “Gone Black,” which benefits from excellent production that allows rock’s innate strength and presence to hit with maximum effect.

Pistols At Dawn is the best new rock band from Atlanta, Georgia, since Mastodon and Sevendust. Drummer Adam Jaffe, guitarist Devin White, guitarist Mike Buffa, and bassist Billy Sullivan created Pistols At Dawn in 2015. Due to the untimely loss of guitarist Buffa in 2018, the band reassembled in 2019 with guitarist Tommy Richardson. Frontman and VH1 Rockstar Supernova finalist Chris Pierson leads the vocals. 

In 2020, Pistols at Dawn published “Cold,” “Gauntlet,” and “All You Offer.” The singles were produced by Jeff Tomei (Smashing Pumpkins/Matchbox 20) at Atlanta’s Cock the Walk Studio. Pistols At Dawn returned to the studio in mid-2020 to record “Nocturnal Youth” with Producer Jeff Tomei and Mastering Guru Maor Appelbaum. The EP’s first song and video, “Voices,” will be out in early 2021. Pistols At Dawn is a high-intensity, heavy-hitting, heart-pumping, radio-ready hard rock band.

“Gone Black” weaves in a rhythmic structure, varied melodies, and a clear conceptual appearance that draws you in and holds you captive, focusing on the hardcore sounds and distortion of the music.

Musically, “Gone Black” is a beautiful track; the voice appears to be a little more united within the mix, providing a classic nineties-style rock sound that’s high intensity but light and summery. The distortion and bass are modest yet gritty enough to drive things up a notch, and the transition from verse to hook is exciting and reassuring.

Incorporate the band’s flawless musical build-up – guitars, drumming, and hard-rock interlaced with melodies and thoughtful subject matter – and the whole thing peaks and explodes into life as the hook takes hold of the listener.

Pistols At Dawn’s “Gone Black” hits with impact thanks to its fearless commitment and emotive, hypnotic use of melody, coming in at just under the three and half minute mark. The song is best experienced at volume. The music provides a dreamy audio embrace, loaded with exceptional musicianship, and faultlessly produced for a genuinely enveloping listen.

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