If you are a hip-hop fan who loves a bit of rap this track is for you. Tezy has pieced together some highly hooky riffs to add his vocal talent to. And he is not about to be shy in putting himself across. His authenticity refuses to kowtow to the received wisdom that is all-too-often flying around. In fact, following on from the Not Industry Standard single, GoldMetal makes its point, and identifies a target, straight away. 

Tezy is a creative hip-hop rap artist from Asheville, NC. His smooth style combined with a light beat that highlights the vocal makes listening to this a  pleasant experience for anyone. Not only that he manages to inject good positive energy with the beat too. As an artist, the most important thing for him is to convey a positive message to the audience so he can do something good for society. Songs from Tezy inspire many listeners to be positive and pass through their tough times. These all work together to give the whole piece a musical narrative that makes sense, adds color, and retains interest. 

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