AnthonyFCollins’ latest remix, “Godspeed,” is structurally outstanding for its contrasting intensity and melodic, Progressive House moments, revealing a clever, fascinating way with current production and sound design.

AnthonyFCollins continues to hone his musical skills by creating a spectacular, dance-driven impressionable remix of Klaus Badelt’s legendary 2002 film score, The Time Machine (infamous for a variety of soundtracks including Pirates of the Caribbean). Anthony’s re-interpretation (of an already magnificent musical composition) takes listeners on an emotional trip through emotionally charged melodies, continually developing sound/texture and suspension in a dreamscape atmosphere. 

The film’s first release in (2002), based on the famous novel by H.G Wells, is approaching its 20th anniversary. The film follows a professor who travels into the future to pursue a solution to the question of whether we can change our past. Eventually, the ‘Eloi,’ the last of the human race, is discovered. The latest remix achieves a careful balance between the internal and eternal, allowing organic tribal-choir and computerized melodic progression to communicate.

The remix “Godspeed” kicks into action right away, introducing itself at the peak of the movement while also bringing in numerous distinct levels and sections of the voyage to keep things fresh. The sound design is notably distinctive, evoking a late-night party setting as well as sending the listener to another planet or sci-fi-ready hit of cinema.

While there are flashes of familiarity to the set-up, which delicately employs nostalgia, several organic components, and clues of current inventiveness surface on and off throughout the performance space. Dashes of piano, the electric drum-line itself, the riffs, and the lead female voice — everything about this song seems fresh and innovative.

Godspeed” is a delightfully addictive remix with just the right amount of intensity to allow you to turn it up high and forget about yourself or the noise of the world for a minute. Brilliantly created, expertly mixed, and completed – a must-have for all EDM lovers. Pay close attention.

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