Dario Cruz has recently released this awesome track “GOD DID” to all the audience out there. The beat to this release has dreamlike and easy-going energy that comes through as a very clean and well-crafted offering from producer Oli. The vibe is that of the most chilled out that hip-hop can present, and the opening rap vocal on top of this fits in with the mood pretty well. Dario Cruz is an independent artist, elementary school teacher, and basketball coach in Albemarle County, Va.

The first string of lyrics to the track seems to run out in a free-style sort of way. There’s no distinct story line, more a stream of consciousness, at first following the artist throughout his day, feeding into the laid-back ambiance of the track and simply reflecting on the world around him. The second rap vocal towards the latter half of the track has a higher energy level and a quicker pace, occasionally leaving you wanting to listen back to certain lines to see what sort of wordplay and concept has been explored. At almost three minutes long the musicality of the piece works well, similarly to the way in which ambient or hip-hop music can be left to play out around you as you get on with your day.

The whole tone of the track and the performances keeps things mellow and the lyrics themselves wonder about the switch from the dreamworld to reality, only ever in a relaxed and carefree manner. The contrast between the voice is notable yet not overbearing, still maintaining that underlying energy. The first features a few changes in tone and teeters between spoken word and melody on occasion. There’s plenty of potentials, and the free-style sound, if it’s an accurate representation, is a great way to keep on building those lyrical mountains. The track offers the good vibes that classic hip-hop was often about.

Dario Cruz is the sort of artist you can count on to bring out only the music that means something, and that which is written, performed, recorded, and produced to the absolute highest quality. If ever an artist is ready to take those steps away from the underground and reach a much wider audience, these are the things that need to be in place. That truth, that smooth and confident sound, that creative drive, that energy, that professionalism. Well worth a listen and stay on the lookout for the upcoming, longer project, entitled GOD DID.” 

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