The latest music video from AZUR RICH, “GIN,” has a classic hip hop soundscape and ambiance – thick beats, rhythm, straightforward, and scene-setting rhythmic patterns. Furthermore, the artist demonstrates his own approach to performance and lyricism, adapting to the changing pace of the music accordingly.

Azur “Rari” Rich, a Chicago native, is a sound artist with a lively style. In most of his songs, his wordplay is wrapped in sensual waves and bass-filled anthems, and it includes metaphors, double entendre, and several catchy hooks. 

Most people refer to this creative genius as “Rari,” and he takes a unique approach to capture the unusual strokes in his life. HereTwoFour, his first solo EP, was dedicated to Kobe Bryant and was released on the Rona Road Trip back to Chicago after traveling to California during the country’s initial lockdown. 

He currently has a movie out called EXP. 232, which can be found for free on YouTube and a new EP called U N L O C K E D.

The mood is set perfectly in this track. When listening to the music of AZUR RICH, you can expect to hear elements of hip-hop and rap that have been increasingly popular in the genres.

That feeling of character comes through in greater detail the more one listens to his work, and there is still room to get even closer to his intellect and insight. Lyrical outbursts are progressively revealed as the beat sets the groundwork for the poetic expression.

AZUR RICH’s music is a breath of fresh air in the musical world, and his voice, with its skill, smoothness, and delicacy, is presented to audiences in a dark and seductive manner. 

It is not easy to look away from the beat that has been used throughout this release, and certain moments, melodic inflections, and lines really stick out in your mind after you’ve finished listening to it. 

The video’s simplicity works well in the context of all of this, capturing your attention in a minimalist yet sincere way.

The plot, flow, rhymes, vocal tone, honesty, musical arrangement, and unlimited diversity all came together in one strike. A must for lovers of classic hip hop with new concepts and melodic twists.

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