Crisp and clean guitar and drum work lead us into a riff-heavy and partially acoustic pop-rock anthem from expressive songwriter/artist Fill R, as the melodically enticing and heartfelt GIMME LOVE pours through.

Filip Rácz is a Czech singer, songwriter, and composer best known for his work with the band FIHA. He has also written songs for a number of well-known Czech singers. He had a lot of success with FIHA, but now he has a lot of new content, thanks to COVID.

“Take Me Back” is his first solo album, recorded entirely by himself during the lockdown. He plays all instruments and is in charge of the album’s production. The fan release happened in May, but the official release is scheduled for October 29th, 2021. The album is filled with catchy tunes, easy listening, dance and rock riffs, as well as soothing ballads.

The music, which is driven by pop-rock sensibilities and smooth, gently expressive vocals, has a pleasantly clean mix and an apparent power of songwriting that shines with growing brightness throughout.

We’re drawn in by the words from the first few calm verses — the voice, the natural set-up, the plot. With time passing, the hook drop energizes and elevates the finished track; it also perfectly resolves the title notion, which refers to thoughts and self-reflection in general.

GIMME LOVE is a piece of pop-rock music that quickly progresses from good to great, ultimately proving to be one of the most groundbreaking and engaging pop-rock singles released this year—looking forward to hearing more from Fill R in the future.

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