Introducing “Get Like Me,” a wistfully melodious, uplifting new track from an amazingly expressive combo, Music Magician from Wolchase, Memphis Chris Tercero, and IAMCCIV – “Get Like Me” is crafted with an air of nostalgia blended with the brightness and unity of the current landscape.

An easy-to-remember hook and smooth rap/RnB tune set the tone for “Get Like Me,” which keeps listeners hooked long after the music has ended.

A plot and performance that broadens the music’s appeal and a feature from IAMCCIV that adds dynamic are the final touches that allow this track to stand out from other independent releases on the same level.

When it comes to rap, RNB, and Trapsoul music, “Get Like Me” is a breath of new air. Its title lyrically details the issue intimated by its title in relation to creative freedom, music and follows this up well, with a tune that rises and expands and falls away in an unforeseen manner. Certain lines are heard in a dreamy, bass-heavy environment.

“Get Like Me” showcases the Chris Tercero and IAMCCIV sound with genuineness and a carefree yet passionate devotion to the present. It has a catchy tune, a dramatic build-up as the melody swells, and it is undeniably unique.

The melody of “Get Like Me” weaves out and around you with a certain subtlety – slowly but surely leaving its mark. A worthy introduction to the world, artistry, and musical identity of Memphis’ Chris Tercero and IAMCCIV!

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