ODDxRude’s latest release “GET ‘EM” is just about as dark and twisted as can be, musically speaking. The producer has crafted an industrial and intense-sounding piece of music alongside a poetic outpouring that reflects the madness of modern society. ODDxRude is from Michigan and he is an independent artist, versatile in multiple genres of rap he does everything from growl rap to melodic sad songs. 

The music presents an ambient storyline, the details of which are explored through both the lyrics and the instrumentation as well. The opening few moments introduce a calm, confident, yet somewhat experimental piece of music, complete with distorted, rap anthem style soundscape, and an equal measure of electronically driven, dreamlike samples and synths. Soon enough, ODDxRude’s voice creates something completely new on top of what was already a pretty compelling and atmospheric piece of audio.

Structurally the track isn’t an obvious one to follow. The music works, the evolution occurs throughout and it makes sense, however unpredictable it may be. The music and the vocals further this unique angle and take over the latter half of the song superbly, as opposed to merely stepping into the spotlight for the sake of variation. The instrument, whether organically performed or otherwise, is given a freestyle presentation of sorts, a solo even, that lingers longer than expected and redirects the mood of the song just slightly as things move away from the power of that vocal melody.

The exciting thing about this new track is that it appears to be soaked in a fresh sense of frustration. It’s a reaction to how things are right now. The ambiance given off by the music and the leading vocal is amazing, once you listen the same you all will figure there is a catchy vibe all over the vocals and the track as well. It’s an unusual combination, and it’s very much in keeping with the overall artistry of ODDxRude and his catalog of work. Although, admittedly, this one is something completely different.

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