“GET ‘EM” by “ODDxRude × Wi-Guy’ is an awesome piece of work for all the audience out there. This is an incredible piece of music. The precision showcased via the soundscape’s intricate detail is matched only by the magnitude of the collective ambiance of hip hop and rap; the build-up, the emotion, the choices made as to when and where the original snippets of music will float within the mix – it’s a phenomenal track.

GET ‘EM is a strong introduction to the ODDxRude × Wi-Guy sound. TODDxRude × Wi-Guy ’s leading voice meanders its way through the song with equal parts delicacy and grit – the instrumentation surrounding it very much in keeping with this sort of style. The soundscape part falls away for the verses, your focus is on the voice, the music, then it comes back in full force for the distorted and weighty later sections, at one point collaborating with the more powerful end of the singer’s rap vocal range, making for a pretty Hip hop and rap soaked climax.

Structurally the track builds up from the opening simplicity into something much more upbeat and active. The sounds and samples that come into play create a much fuller soundscape, and so as the energy of the whole thing increases, so does the detail within the instrumentation and the culmination of vocal parts as the end of the track approaches.

The music is deeply rhythmic, ambient, and captivating at every step, but much more than this – the creator presents a series of moments, stories, and ideas, all of which come through by means of these structurally complex compositions. Each new piece comes complete with unpredictable samples, sounds, effects, and snippets of spoken word that add a further level of intrigue and drama to an already compelling and incredibly satisfying audio experience.

This is definitely a little something different for the songwriter, however, this is quite commonly true for most of his releases. His creativity is limitless it seems, and this means that there’s always something unexpected on the horizon, and that just about anything and everything can be a source of inspiration for someone who lives and breathes music and songwriting. The production on this one really shows itself to be well crafted towards the latter half of the song, and the whole thing becomes notably familiar the further along you get.

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