Scene-setting and storytelling are the foundations of L.A. Bliss’s appropriately intellectual and elegant new pop-rock single, “Gemini,” which is available now on Spotify and other digital music services.

Bringing a unique sound, L.A. Bliss fuses raw emotions with modern delights to create music that may appeal to a wide range of listeners. Lisa Chambliss, better known as L.A. Bliss, is a well-known pop singer-songwriter. After growing up with the nickname L.A. (Lisa Anne) from her father, and with Bliss being a play on Chambliss, Lisa’s alter-ego is a method for her to express herself most competently she knows how: through making music. While she’s lived many lives, worked various jobs, and battled throughout the process, she’s finally releasing the songs that serve as the recording to all of her experiences.

L.A. Bliss is pleased to be someone who has lived multiple lives within one while sharing music that conveys the story of her journey—purposefully telling her narrative via song and music. L.A. Bliss wants to let her listeners know they aren’t alone with music that aims to inspire, take chances, and heal others. Her music aims to leave listeners with an open mind and a desire for the future.

In addition to demonstrating great storytelling and cleanly-mixed vocals that meander effortlessly over imaginatively innovative soundscapes, the song, which is easily one of the most catchy EDM flavored pop-rock compositions to emerge this year, also illustrates that.

Dropping her new 7 track E.P. titled “5 Minutes to Midnight”, L.A. Bliss is announcing herself to a global fanbase in the only way she knows how. Independent, brave, courageous and with a body of work bound to set the world on fire, she has created an E.P. that will grab the attention of people everywhere. “Gemini,” which is primarily concerned with the performance, meanders through its existence with a pleasing warmth, always resolving to that irresistible hook with a bit more energy, passion, and embrace – leaving the song and its sentiments lasting in mind after listening.

Keeping things close and focused is vital to L.A. Bliss’s writing style, which draws inspiration from the pop-rock songs of a simpler era. After each progression, the hook is successfully resolved, and the overall structure and concept tilt toward popular pop. L.A. Bliss’s voice has a beautiful tone and brightness to it as well, which will hopefully shine even brighter.

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