Milli On, a rapper and artist from Florida brings back the heart and spirit of current hip hop with his latest album, “Gandhi,” enhancing the quietly confident reality of the story and laying bare an evident dedication to the moment.

Catchy production led by the extraordinary combination of classical strings and incredibly catchy synthetic/beat flickers of electric drum and rap vocals – Milli On hits the scene with impact and identity as “Gandhi” develops.

Musically distinct and vocally gritty, the music is cleanly blended for a modern hip-hop tone yet driving with short lines for an enticing hook.

Milli On’s single “Gandhi” surprisingly manages to retain attention and impress as it wanders through a brief yet fascinating lifespan, fusing the rapidly compelling presence of a synth-soaked, introspective backdrop.

The vocal line is incredibly energetic in terms of clarity and weight, as are several of the references. Nonetheless, Milli On impresses with its authenticity and originality in the way the music unfolds and falls into its own sense of purpose.

“Gandhi” promises an authentic flavor with a boldly waking edge of tomorrow. It is conceptually interesting, inspiring, and tremendous in confidence and craftsmanship. Milli On increases the standard with each new stanza and with each return. It’s well worth hearing.

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