There’s no such thing as rushing a great idea. Just ask Galo.

The origins of the producer’s new single “Move With Me” began over three years ago, seemingly an eternity in the fast-paced world of dance music. However, while he didn’t feel strongly enough about the work he’d done at the time to release it, the underlying ideas of the club-friendly single continued to linger. 

Needless to say, with additional experience under his belt, Galo returned to bring “Move With Me” full circle. Despite the passage of time, the track’s hallmark characteristic, its nimble arpeggiated bassline, presents a unique piece of synth work that’s anything but ordinary. The lively, bouncing cadence of this tech house heater further proves his ability to craft memorable club tracks.

Galo has already landed on Hood Politics Records, Terminal Underground and more in recent memory. After releasing “Move With Me,” he adds another notch to the belt with his debut on Dr. Fresch’s House Call Records. Check out the new track below.



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