Nero Xp26’s music is about as authentic as Afrobeat gets. The track GAGA showcases an artist with an intense level of passion for music and lyricism, as well as one with fresh bars, a genuine sense of storytelling, and a characterful leading voice.

To consider the title and the reasons behind the making of this latest release is to significantly alter the way in which it’s received. To let your mind wander as the instrumental ambiance surrounds you is one thing, we all appreciate escapism, but to hold an awareness of what the music means, the experiences and feelings that led to the creation of this art, is to hear it in an entirely different way. To know that there was far more to this than music production or a studio session is to allow yourself to truly connect with it and with the artist who created it. And that’s when you get the full experience, the sort that changes your mood, your day, even your entire perspective on life.

Melodically the verses offer the edges of the story and lead powerfully into the hook. The hook has a simple yet effective melody and leaves its key line lingering in your mind long after listening. Adding to this effect is the stylish and memorable instrumental riff that accompanies the hook. Throughout the recording there are these various instrumental moments that suggest a deep level of creativity in everything that makes up the recording. The whole track progresses and evolves with numerous fresh moments of sound, all the while continuing to stand tall with the overall mood of the piece and the upbeat chord progression.

The hook takes hold from the second you hear it, and Nero Xp26 is, without doubt, a rapper with an intense and memorable sound and flow. GAGA strikes as something of a smash hit from yesteryear, or an underground, independent revelation – the kind of discovery that makes all the searching seem worthwhile.

The instrumentation chosen for the main bulk of the backdrop has a lightness about it that makes this the perfect pop track to see you into the summer. A lot of work has gone into the production, and the more you listen, the more this effort and thoughtfulness shows. The inspiring nature of the music and the lyricism is further enhanced by the knowledge that Nero Xp26 first wrote the song. Stay tuned with Nero Xp26 to witness many more awesome tracks in the future.

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