This is essentially a little something for the weekend to help calm your nerves or find your center again. Future Love” by “PROTESTSOUND” is partly this warm, familiar, organic snippet of hip hop music, yet also partly something notably unique and much more interesting than your average acoustic offering.

The music builds and falls away in a very minimal manner, enough to keep things interesting. Each vocal part too, is well placed and appropriately expressed as these changes occur – though not so much so that the very essence of hip-hop and these overall vibes is lost. Far from it. The nostalgia is there for those who seek it, but everything else is new – the vocal delivery, the lyricism, the vocal tone; the new sense of character is likely to appeal to any number of listeners. The opening soundscape part is also a really enjoyable addition to the mix, creative and powerful, very memorable. Well worth checking out.

The simplicity of the track is in the selection of chords, the instrumentation, and the structure, yet it’s not without a distinctly complex sort of beauty. The initial meeting of the soundscape and the awesome vocal effect is quite striking. It pulls you in, but it does so in a very easygoing and fitting sort of way. It immediately makes sense, and it’s only when you try to analyze everything that you even realize the unusual nature of such a combination.

The same goes for the PROTESTSOUND’s voice that delivers the melodies and the lyrics. The female voice has a slightly different story to tell somehow. The performance takes the exact same lyrics as the female voice, but it presents them with a powerfully different string of emotions. It’s clever, really unexpected, and captivating. The voice and the melody work so well together, everything is stunning in fact, yet you can focus on one or the other and, in a way, a sense that it means something slightly different to each – much as everything does in life to every individual who shares an experience.

Whether or not these were the intentions when writing and creating the track, the fact is that the song has a power about it that leaves its mark on you. The more you listen, the clearer that mark becomes, and the more your perception of the experience may alter and evolve. It’s beautifully unique and creative new music and well worth taking the time out to enjoy.

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