Fused” is something of an epic and stylish offering of natural electronic mixed with funk and some jazz fusion. The weight of the chords and melodies chosen really has a striking impact throughout, there’s a definite structure to the piece and this means that there are as many moments of subtlety and calm as there are bigger ones of slightly more excitement and drama. The video plays a big role in this amazing track and it is truly magnificent. You get a genuine vibe from the sound and the set-up, the journey throughout is detailed and forever changing, never getting complacent, and never predictable – as is the essence of jazz fusion

The word retro comes to mind as there’s a certain crackle to the sound, the recording feels like a long-lost vinyl from way back when. The riffs and melodies lead you away in a hypnotic and even seductive sort of way, provoking that necessary calmness, letting you sink further into relaxation and all the while reminding you, should you stop to really listen, of the sheer professionalism and talent that radiates from these performances. The instrumental choices add to both the smoothness and the realness, there’s a raw performance style to it all, but most definitely it is the melodies, the notes were chosen, the meandering nature of their presentation, that really provides the journey upon which the track takes you.

Aside from the superb musicianship and skill – the creative freedom of it all. These ongoing audio and video experiences offer genuine escapism from our day-to-day lives. This piece in particular really transports you to some other place in your mind, making you feel as if you’re right there, soaking up the scenery and the good vibes in smoky jazz and electronic baras well. In another instance, however, you could quite easily find yourself, appropriately standing perfectly still in an open park or field as the sounds and sights of the natural world play out around you. The magic is in the possibility, the freedom of the sound.

The song’s concept is something that is consistently represented and referred to, not just lyrically but in the sound of the music – the dreamlike mood of the instrumentation, the way the soundscape floats alongside the beat; the whole thing has been crafted as a complete, considerate, and relevant piece of art. Those classic electronic vibes are present, the music moves along in a rhythmic and easy to get into manner. On top of this, the leading concept brings about something new, something fresh to connect with. The performances are professionally and skillfully executed, but much more than this – there’s a definite sense of individuality to the sound; you’d recognize it again in an instant, and that makes all the difference.

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