FreeStyle en L.A.’ by El Oriental10, a rapidly elevating and progressively pleasant Latin single, infuses new life into the Reggaeton freestyle music culture in Los Angeles.

FreeStyle en L.A.” begins the proceedings and swiftly progresses from simple rhythms to mesmerizing, intentionally unexpected loops of vocals and samples aplenty. The tune debuts the artist’s style and creativity, offering an appealing dance mood that seems like late night / early morning times at the club or festival. 

FreeStyle en L.A.” is an addictive and colorful summer song featuring diverse talents, with a bright soundscape made up of ingeniously mixed parts – expansive and exciting enough to stand out. From here, we get the infectious bouncing of a dance music track, but things progress in an unconstrained, almost genre-free manner throughout.

The tune “FreeStyle en L.A.” has the makings of a quietly unforgettable Reggaeton hit, with more than a few musical drops from the calm back into the grip of the beat. 

Furthermore, El Oriental10’s voice has a distinct character – expertise and charisma combine with enthusiasm to produce outstanding achievements. A superb voice with a couple of catchy songs already on the air.

Unquestionably an exceptional freestyle with outstanding visuals that is at the top of its game in terms of both creativity and professionalism. 

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