Introducing an emerging composer with a one-of-a-kind set of tools and characteristics – Markusgoincrazyyy has released his latest track, and the sound design and melodic journey guarantee to conjure up a whole new world of inventive escape.

A truly immersive listening experience is provided by Markusgoincrazyyy, who goes into the very heart of an upbeat production realm while also delving into the very nature of a complex cognitive process at the same time.

FREE, which makes it a point to engulf its audience in the building anticipation and excitement of the soundtrack, is both joyful and frightening at the same time. The tempo grows nearly indefinitely, wrapping its wings around the listener while simultaneously urging the heart rate to accelerate in sync with the track.

FREE is an excellent production, from the smallest detail to the highest quality, as well as the positive way in which the fundamental idea or sensation is established and built upon, among other things. Markusgoincrazyyy’s instrumental dance music is entertaining and pleasant, with a vaguely recognizable yet refreshing perspective on the genre. The record is also a solid showcase for both the artist’s inventiveness and his skill.

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