Young Philos strikes the scene with impact and identity as “Free The State” emerges, thanks to a catchy production driven by the unique combination of classical strings, tremendously powerful bass, and rap vocals.

Young Philos is a hip-hop artist and producer from Seattle. Philos grew up loving music and basketball, which shaped him into the guy he is now. He grew up in the church and has had rhythm in his soul since he was a child. He is an adventurous man. Though he typically produces songs in the pop and trap genres, he is not limited by genre. 

Young Philos uses his African and Christian origins to create vibrant, hard-hitting tracks that set him apart. He combines his competitive mentality and passion for basketball with the grit of Hip Hop music to craft tracks that are nothing like anything else. He is a truly unique artist and musician creating waves in the hip-hop and rap scene.

A familiar back and forth lingers between bars thanks to simple sound design — distinctive synths and a clear and professional beat allow the soundtrack to work its magic.

On top of that, we have Young Philos’ voice, which is upfront and transparent, with dreamy, laid-back verses and a subtle anthem of a hook – to which we always return and resolve effectively.

Despite the apparent confidence and profundity of many of the bars, “Free The State” has a Rap/ Trap and Afro-Beat vibe to it. Young Philos delivers a distinct thread of independence concerning his technique and subject matter. 

With the title and underlying meaning, you get a straightforward, classic hip-hop weight. The balance is good, and the new setup serves to raise things even more.

Free The State” proves a brief and unforgettable hit of confidence and flair, finishing out the entire track in a manner that leaves you eager to re-listen in full, vocally refreshingly raw yet still in sync with the present sound of hip hop, Rap/ Trap, and Afro Beat.

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