Smooth ambiances and crisp production bring this beautifully heartfelt, organic hip hop single Free RobRealah from multi-talented artist Heat Raxx.

Heat is an upcoming versatile artist in Denver, Colorado. He is a popping artist in Denver who predominantly sings HipHop and Rap.

While the set-up is very engaging in itself – complete with musical stops and starts, superb vocal rhythm, and a consistently passionate mood that’s easy to escape into – there’s also a deeply captivating story at work, and with each revisits the details of this stand a little taller.

The juxtaposition and framework of the song play a significant role in making it so engaging and attractive from beginning to end. The transition from melody to rap, the shifts inflow and vocal tone move along with consistent good vibes.

The whole thing sounds beautiful, immensely refreshing during this particular hip hop climate, utilizing melody and heartfelt, honest contemplation that connects for its realness.

The production is notably simple, but it works – it adds to the genuine nature of the writing and the straightforward tone of the delivery—excellent music video production for an upcoming artist.

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