This single speaks volumes on both skill and professionalism because of its smooth highlighting production and a brilliantly catchy vocal melody.

Steve Sperandeo is a shining Canadian pop star who has a charming voice. He lives in Toronto, Canada

Steve’s debut album “Contagious Emotions” was released in 2019. Contagious Emotion’s tracks are deeply emotional. The emphasis on vocals, lyrics, and story-telling is like Dylan, Cohen, Knopfler, Clapton, and Roger Waters. His single “Dance With Me” was released in 2020. Steve is presently in the studio working on new tracks that will be released this year.

Blending inspiration from the greats with an exciting level of identity and an excellent way with expression. The song starts pleasantly and continues to amaze all over. The vocal workings and the instrumentals still vary more than enough so to keep things exciting.

Other high spots include the acoustic pulse of an intimate and emotionally revealing Forever, a timeless loveliness for its pondering and realness. And the inspiring and slightly heart-breaking, hypnotic groove is Blue, an addictive and gently fanatical track, showcasing powerful unity among the voice and the set-up as the story roams.

Leading with folk-pop slenderness and emotive friendliness, Steve Sperandeo connects for passionate honesty and softness, to begin with, later weaving in a bit of shock aspect and angst as the familiar yet charming You Know That emerges.

A lovely song. In short – satisfyingly real, with good meanings and a stunningly handy set-up.

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