Foreign Thing” is a piece of incredible music that serves as an excellent introduction to Kicka for audiences who are new to the artist or who are simply seeking something new and exciting that is full of good feelings and optimism.

Kicka is a studio recording artist from Cameroon who now resides in Ukraine. Growing up, He was exposed to Makossa, Hip-hop/Rap, and R&B. He has two studio albums beneath his belt and is now working on his third. He recently released “Foreign Thing,” the lead song off his next album “Embedded.”

Foreign Thing” is a piece of beautiful music with feel-good vibes and noises, a great and swift vocal wall, and thought-provoking, optimistic, and profound lyrics. This is summer music for drifting away from your concerns; sophisticated hip-hop. Not rushed, well-planned, well-executed, full of ideas, and sounding warm and inviting

The track itself improves as you listen to it more and more. Once you’ve locked in, once something has piqued your interest, it’s not a song you’ll want to pass over. The music behind the vocal is first and foremost of the highest quality. 

That is the production, the mix, the creativity, and then on top of that you have these lyrics, and not just lyrics – words also have an impact, it’s the delivery that makes it matter in music – the performance of these lines and that hook is on point.

The music has a style and an energy that draws you in right away, and the aspect of the whole thing keeps you interested throughout, while the lyrics and voices fascinate you.

The musicality of the entire piece is what makes it stand out. But there’s so much clarity in the voice, so much that you can pick out and listen to, that delving deeper into Kicka’s catalog exploring the sound and the artist’s character a little deeper – is likely to appeal to those who are fans of the genre and style and looking for someone new to listen to. Everything sounds professional, which makes it even more successful as a stand-alone track.

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