Based in Dublin On this record, JamLive is unapologetically honest and personal, both lyrically and musically. Simultaneously, the song “Flower” begins with contemporary references, which assist to spark a whole new age of songwriting that is near to relationship instability but keeps it all the more accessible to a modern audience.

JamLive is a music and film partnership from Dublin, Ireland that specializes in the alternative music and video genre.

JamLive’s latest single, “Flower,” is instantly recognizable as the singer’s current sound – mellow spoken-word bars and indications of melody emerge, as makes a strong sense of rhythm vocally, which, amidst the song’s slow pace. It appears to work well to keep things compositionally engaging and enhance the growth of the soundtrack in line with the changing steps of the story.

The melody of the verses is moderately familiar, which is the first indication that the song is moving in this way. As a result, the song is able to connect with and please listeners in the same manner that pop music does without needing to use all of the colors and clichés that are typically associated with that. 

On the contrary, this is a pleasantly intriguing soundscape, unusual enough to appeal while also comforting sufficient in terms of melody and production quality to allow you to turn up the volume and escape into the present moment.

Through its six and twelve-minute duration, “Flower” calls attention to what is required theoretically while also providing a kind of retro, nostalgic yet fresh arena of melody, rhythm, and numerous layers of color to the listener, respectively.

These yearning and searching melodies are rewarded with exquisite moments of harmonic resolve, which touch the heart as well as the ears. The lines are conveyed with precision and emotional resonance that remains in the listener’s mind afterward. It’s just amazing.

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