Step into the electrifying world of “Fk It Up” as Feb Zeus joins forces with the incomparable OsoKing Mezzy in this trailblazing trap rap anthem. Hailing from Indianapolis, this dynamic duo unleashes a captivating fusion of raw energy and lyrical finesse that sets the music scene ablaze.

“Fk It Up” becomes an auditory powerhouse, with Feb Zeus’s unrelenting flow entwined with OsoKing Mezzy’s commanding presence, leaving listeners captivated by their magnetic synergy. The track’s ingenious composer embraces trap rap’s signature beats, intricately weaving them into a tapestry of pure sonic brilliance.

As the pulsating rhythm takes hold, “F**k It Up” sparks a fire within, driving audiences to the heart of the trap rap experience. Prepare for an unapologetic journey with Feb Zeus and OsoKing Mezzy as they unite in this explosive musical declaration.

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